Ensure Security at Your Construction Site with Portland Support Services Ltd

Ensure Security at Your Construction Site with Portland...

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  • Construction sites have always been a target of intruders and thieves, as these places are filled with costly equipment, materials and supplies. To ensure the protection of these construction supplies and equipment, it is imperative to hire security guards at the site. This is where the importance of Building site security has come into the picture. Having professional constriction security sites allows reducing the chances of losing expensive materials and equipment. With the increased demand for security services at construction sites, there are some companies, offering construction security guards, but the services offered by Portland Support Services Ltd are unbeatable.

    Portland Support Services Ltd has earned a great integrity in delivering top-notch construction site security services. Serving since 2005, the company aims to deliver guaranteed security services at large grounds, vacant land or a remote area. They also provide construction security guards dogs.

    Listed below are the services offered by Portland Support Services Ltd.

    • Security Guard: Portland Support Services Ltd is the most popular choice in the UK for hiring a manned guard at construction sites. All their professionals are dedicated to provide you with great security and perform regular patrols for proper security.

    • Security Guard with a Dog: Hiring their construction guards with dogs is the most effective and inexpensive way for detecting and deterring intruders while protecting all the construction materials and equipment.

    • Construction Alarm: Installing construction alarm can be considered as the effective approach to avoid the scenario when thieves make plans all the night to steal materials from your construction site.

    • CCTV: CCTV has always been in a demand in order to keep a watchful eye on the construction site. With the CCTV cameras, it becomes easy for you to detect the presence of burglars and record the evidence of break-ins.

    If you are confused about which options to opt to give ultimate protection to your construction site, then you can get suitable advice for the same. Their London private investigator investigates cases related to unfaithful partners, corporate investigations, sickness deceit and benefit frauds. You can also opt for asset and people tracing service. Hence, you can count on Portland Support Services Ltd as the best security solutions provider in the UK.

    To know more details, you can visit http://www.ambertoninvestigations.co.uk/

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