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  • Do you wish to send your kid outside on outdoor education trips? If yes, then enroll them in High Trails today. High Trails is a small business which is based out in Big Bear and was commenced in 2000. They focus on providing outdoor education to middle and elementary school students of California. They host around 8000 students from 100 schools every year who visit them up in the mountains during their weekday programs of 3, 4 and 5 days. Till now, 400,000 nights have been spent by around 115,000 students at the High Trails.

    This outdoor education science camp provided by High Trails can prove to be a lifetime experience for students. They help students in gaining a fresh, innovative and friendly approach with the help of this primary school outdoor education program. Teachers from various schools who are hard working and good hearted can take up this task of planning outdoor education trip for middle and primary school students. All a teacher has to do is educate both the students and parents about it, collect money from students and do the required paperwork. Once the things have been finalized and the students and teachers have finally headed towards the mountains, High Trails take over from the first day of the program. Teachers can help them out with supervising meal time and also helping the kids who are unable to participate. Apart from this, teachers can also interact and encourage students, check their school work, watch classes and most importantly enjoy the time in fresh air.

    Since the outdoor education jobs California allotted to teachers by High Trails is something that requires lot of planning and organization, there is certain amount of paperwork that needs to be completed by teachers which includes enrollment forms for signing up and checking the prices, camp check list that includes an overview of what all need to brought there, a program form that is for specific information of a program, a cabin group that helps in knowing the names of the students attending program and a t-shirt list, which is an optional form for one who wishes to buy t-shirts from High Trails. The program also gives a list of things such as student journals, games to be played during bus rides, food details, sample schedules, games before getting ready and more. For more details, visit here.

    For more information about High Trails, please visit

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