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  • There are some individuals who will try other ventures to boost the little money they receive. Others will try their luck looking for other sources of income using the Internet. Some are fortunate enough and are able to become independent contractors on the Web doing technical jobs like programmers, webmasters and writers.

    All these previously unemployed people need direct lenders to help them to overcome their financial problems. The contractors on the web are paid on a project basis and they need lenders that provide payday loans of 900 dollars or more to get money. They need the funds to bridge their financial needs until the next payment from their clients is sent to their bank accounts.

    $900 Short Term Loans

    Payday loans are also short term loans. They are instant personal loans that are granted to borrowers at high interest rates. This is so because the terms of the loans are very short. Some of these loans are payable in just 7 days. However, the most common practice is 14 days for the loan to mature. There are lenders who demand a postdated check to guarantee a payday loan. Some lenders allow this kind of arrangement on the premise that the borrower will redeem the check on its due date. If the borrower fails to do so, the lender will then have the right to collect the check from the bank. If the check bounces due to lack of funds, the borrower is liable for breach of contract.

    There are direct lenders that use the check to force the loans online to pay his account. This is not illegal but is viewed as harassment and very coercive. It seems this strategy may turn effective as the borrowers are making good their promises to pay by redeeming the check on time.

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